Board of Directors

Meet our Executive


We would like to take a moment and welcome every player, coach, family member, conveners, referees and club administrators to the Paris Soccer Club!

Paris Soccer Executive:

President – Mike Harp
Vice President – Kevin Noseworthy
Past President – Mark Arndt
Treasurer – Sandee O’Neill
Executive Member – Jerrod Leeman
Executive Member – Martina Sookbirsingh


Our Executive will be involved in guiding the club in many areas including player development, coaching education, and assistance in club management capacity.

It is our goal to build a strong soccer community with PSC. This means in order to be a complete soccer club, everyone has to be on the same page.

All changes are done in the best interest for the club and for overall player development. Paris Soccer Club believes that there is a place for every child who wants to play soccer regardless of skill level, gender, ethnicity, or limitations. Our soccer atmosphere is set up to provide a positive experience for every child.

I want to give a BIG shout out to ALL of our volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, referees and conveners. Please remind yourself that they have volunteered their time and are parents and players as well. They are doing their best and please think twice and keep your comments and support respectful and positive. If you wish to assist and enhance your experience with PSC please email our board to apply to become a volunteer with our club. Over 80 volunteers a year in our indoor and outdoor seasons and we are always in need of your assistance.

Wishing everyone a fun filled experience.

Thank you

Paris Soccer Club – Executive